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Serotonin and GABA-B receptors in anxiety : from developmental

risk factors to treatment.


GABAergic and serotoninergic systems are key players in the control of anxiety states but the precise bases for their action has remained elusive. New findings, brought about by members of this consortium, suggest a  developmental role of serotonin  (5-HT) and environmental risk factors in the genesis of anxiety disorders. Metabotropic GABA-B receptors play a critical role in mediating the anxiolytic effects of GABA and have  strong reciprocal interactions between with serotonin systems. in the genesis of anxiety disorders The proposal will bring new knowledge on the neurobiological basis of anxiety, and open up novel therapeutic approaches in anxiety disorders.


                                          Partners present to Cork meeting

           (Cork meeting - DEVANX Project - August 2008)



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